Adult Therapy Services

I believe that personal growth is best attained through a supportive relationship that fosters insight, acknowledges and accepts personal strengths and areas of growth, and encourages the development of necessary coping and problem-solving skills. As such, my therapeutic style involves aspects of cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapies within a relational and family-systems context.

In plain language, my first priority is toward the relationship that we develop as therapist and client. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is unique from relationships outside of the therapy office for two very important reasons: one, we discuss difficult things that might not ordinarily be discussed socially, and, two, the therapeutic office is a “safe place” to try out new skills and ideas. This can only happen if you have a therapeutic relationship that is open, honest, and safe.

From there, we consider personal struggles and goals within the context of relationships, both in and outside of the family. We do not live inside a vacuum; meaning, we are affected by the things that happen around us, and most certainly, the people around us. Thus, we have to consider emotional and behavioral struggles, habits, and other concerns within the context of those relationships. Finally, as needed, I teach skills and offer clinical information in order to help my clients not only understand clinical concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression), but also cope with those concerns more effectively in day-to-day life. Ultimately, my goal is to help my client become his or her own therapist.