Academic Coach

The Willow Partnership  Adds an Academic Coach

Academic Coach
Stephanie Rutt-Romero


It is not uncommon for students to feel as if their life has unraveled when they contemplate balancing school, family and extra-curricular activities. It is my passion to help my clients whether they be children or adult learners find balance and focus. Recognizing the strength within themselves to establish a healthy perception of their struggles and successes in the educational systems of today takes a willingness to grow.

I know that there is no single approach to learning that is right for everyone. Your learning style is as unique as your fingerprint. I have been trained in a range of educational modalities and have a desire to help you realize your fullest potential. My 20 plus years of educational experience in public, private and home school coupled with my educational background have instilled a passion for developing lifelong learners.

I have been an educator in the Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita area for 20 years and have earned a Masters of Education from Lamar University and am certified by the State of Texas in Special Education, General Education and Science. Let me help you find your passion for learning! Let’s make your learning time at school and at home peaceful instead of tumultuous.

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An Academic Coach is like a sports coach. It is unlike tutoring, as tutoring addresses and focuses on the immediate need and is subject specific helping with concrete skills, academic coaching takes a different approach. Each student is different and their learning style is as unique as their finger print. Together we discover and develop strategies and plans that tackle your struggles and turn them into triumphs.

Academic coaching helps students develop an individualized and organized approach to their learning and their schoolwork.  The coach will provide services that help the student recognize their learning styles, their strengths and weakness, and how to create individualized study and organizational skills. The coach will guide the students to develop learning strategies, master organizational skills, and develop habits and skills to identify learning roadblocks and creatively remove those roadblocks and apply developed strategies to learning a studying. Coaching can be helpful for students that have certain skills but lack the motivation, organization and strategies they need to apply those skills. I will work with parents to help the student re-ignite a passion for learning and make learning time as school and home more peaceful and less tumultuous.